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Happy New Year, Happy New Beginnings
StreetInvest's CEO Succession

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On behalf of all the StreetInvest family, we would like to wish you a very happy and hopefully healthy and wealthy 2022. Times continue to be challenging and we will of course value your support as much as ever as we enter the New Year still determined to support our inspirational partners, front-line Street Workers and street-connected young people around the world.

Introducing our new CEO

So it is very timely to announce that Siân Wynne has agreed to step up from her current role as Director of Programme to succeed me as StreetInvest’s Chief Executive Officer with effect from 1st January.

This is the culmination of a succession planning process that has been underway for some time. I am finally “re-retiring” after 13 years as co-founder and CEO of StreetInvest following my 30 year finance career. I will, however, continue to offer my support with specific projects where my experience and institutional memory may be valuable and I also continue to be one of StreetInvest’s four Members (broadly, the charity equivalent of shareholders).

I personally couldn’t be more thrilled to see StreetInvest’s leadership pass on to the next generation. I take enormous pride in all has been achieved over the last 13 years thanks to the extraordinarily inspiring people and organisations that I have met during this time. I should mention Patrick for starting me down this path but all the partners, street workers, trainers and, of course, the street-connected children have made my journey ultimately one of real enlightenment and joy.

Final, and special, thanks should go to all of you who have supported StreetInvest in so many ways since (and indeed often before) we started. None of this could have happened without you. THANK YOU!

A word from our new CEO, Siân Wynne

“My first three years with StreetInvest have been the most rewarding of my career and I feel truly lucky to be part of such a unique and principled organisation that "walks the talk" of a rights-based, child-centred approach to street-connected children - and to work with partners and trainers that inspire me every day. I am excited about this next step and this new chapter for both myself and StreetInvest. I am incredibly grateful to Duncan, the team, volunteers and board and everyone who has worked so hard to make StreetInvest what it is today. I am committed to continuing to grow StreetInvest's reach and impact so that more street workers, organisations, governments and communities see street-connected children how we do - and work to ensure that they have a trustworthy adult in their lives.”

Siân Wynne, Chief Executive Officer

Our Chairman Cees adds that

“We are delighted that Siân has agreed to take on this new role. The Board has been supporting her in this transition over the last year and will continue to do so for the future. I am sure that you will agree that her long term passion for, and commitment to, rights-based approaches in general and street children in particular make her the ideal candidate to lead StreetInvest into our next stage. Many challenges remain but Siân’s experience over the last three years leading the Programmes puts her in an excellent position to continue to meet these challenges and achieve even greater lasting change for many more street children in the years to come”.

Cees Kramer - Chair of the Board of Trustees

I personally know that StreetInvest will continue to achieve wonderful things and I look forward to seeing that happen and helping wherever I can. Please do get in touch if you would like to support in way too or have any questions.

Duncan Ross

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