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The need in the UK

In the UK there are varying levels of street-connectedness experienced by young people. This includes homeless children, runaways, young people who have fallen out of school, those in the care system and refugees.

Even in StreetInvest’s home borough of Richmond, which has the lowest child poverty rate in London, there are an estimated 4,290 children living in poverty.

There are growing gaps in provision for these young people across the UK. StreetInvest commissioned research which found that less than half the UK’s local authorities conduct detached youth work. Among those that do, budgets have decreased year on year since 2012 by almost 40%.

This trend is not set to change anytime soon: Central government funding for youth services has been slashed here in London by an unbelievable 92% in the past 12 months

How we want to help

We know that these gaps in provision are often filled by organsiations in the community and voluntary sector. They are frequently under resourced and staffed by part time volunteers, many of whom have never received formal training.

We are supporting a couple of organisations like this. Using the same strategies and tools we have been using overseas for the last decade, we are building their capacity to conduct street work with detached children in the UK and to strengthen their organisations.


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