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Researching the relational networks of
street-connected children in Tanzania

"Responsibility, work and transition on the street. A grounded theory study of street-involved children and young people in Northern Tanzania"

Gemma Pearson investigated the social and relational aspects of the lives of street-connected children in northern Tanzania for her PhD at Royal Holloway University.

Working in partnership with StreetInvest, her research explored concepts of intergenerational contracts, reciprocity and responsibility, child rights, children’s agency and destructive agency.

Files attached

Briefing Paper 1 – Research Principles – January 2014 – June 16

Briefing Paper 2 – Methodology – March 2014

Briefing Paper 3 – Shelter – June 2014 – nb

Briefing Paper 4 – Accessing Food on the Streets – March 2014

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