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Nothing about us without us

Working with street-connected girls.

The aim of Nothing about us without us is to support:

  • Organisations that work directly with adolescent street-connected girls (aged 11 to 18 years old) and want to review and develop their programmes 
  • Organisations that want to work directly with adolescent street girls

This toolkit is designed to help organisations globally to develop their capacity, programme delivery and monitoring and evaluation so that they can work more effectively with adolescent girls.

It can be used to support the delivery of programmes that:

  • prevent girls from going onto the street
  • who spend time on the street
  • and/or live on the street

It outlines many of the challenges and good practices shared by organisations across the world. However, some of these may not be applicable to, or effective for every organisation. 

Why focus on adolescent street girls?

Adolescent girls face specific challenges on the street, including gender-based violence, discrimination and gender-specific health issues. Nothing about us without us need programmes that address these. Effective girl-focused programmes provide girls with safe spaces where they can talk openly, sharing their life experiences and goals without judgement. They offer girls holistic support which enables them to develop practical and life skills. To offer safe, effective programmes, organisations need to have the capacity (knowledge, time, skills and resources) in place, otherwise, they may be putting girls at risk of harm and failing to meet girls’ needs. 

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