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How the United Nations General Comment No. 21 Recognises and Promotes the Role of Street Work

Street work as recognised by the United Nations.

StreetInvest campaigned for and helped draft the United Nations General Comment No. 21 on Children in Street Situations. The General Comment promotes the role of street work in upholding the rights of street-connected children and young people.

This analysis examines how StreetInvest’s street work methodology supports the rights of street-connected children, making links to specific articles in the General Comment No. 21.

What is the General Comment No. 21?

General Comments are published by United Nations treaty bodies, to interpret and provide guidance on human rights treaties. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the key piece of international law on children’s rights. It describes what children need to survive, grow and reach their potential in life.

The General Comment on Children in Street Situations lays out how the Convention applies to street children. Its publication was a historical moment for street children, as it is the first piece of international law to concern them.


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How the General Comment No.21 (2017) on children in street situations Recognises and Promotes the role of Street Work

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