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Street Work can change young lives

Everything we do promotes or supports Street Work, which can have a huge impact on a child's life

StreetInvest and its partners are helping street children to grow and develop in a positive way and are decreasing the stigma, abuse, and discrimination they suffer. We know that Street Work makes street-connected children safer on the streets; supports them to access vital services and resources and increases their sense of belonging within their communities. 

In some of the poorest countries in which we work, £12.04 will put a Street Worker into the lives of 12 street children for one month. 

The life of each street child is unique and Street Work is designed to respond to each child individually.  Our aims for these children are the same as for any child and we couch them in terms of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), namely Improved Safety (Protection Rights), Better Access to Service (Provision Rights) and a greater Sense of Belonging (Participation rights).

Our challenge is to reach as many children as possible without losing sight of the rights of each individual child. So, while the growth and development of each child is the most important thing, we are proud that:

  • Our core Partners worked among 18,289 street connected children last year
  • In the face of considerable challenges, Street Workers provided direct services to 5,780 street-connected children – 3,024 boys and 2,156 girls. This represents a 25% increase on 2019.
  • As reflected in our October 2020 Covid report, a total of 4,228 children received Covid relief from April to June 2020
  • Our RCP in Ghana, Muslim Family Counselling Services (MFCS), more than tripled their reach compared to 2019 by recruiting several volunteers to support their core team.
  • CoDWelAs’ Band Aid Trust-funded team in Sierra Leone of 9 full time Street Workers reached 2,640 children last year
  • Glad’s House, our RCP in Mombasa, have reported more children reached through Street Work than in 2019 but less overall as those in prisons and rehabilitation schools have been difficult to access during the crisis
  • Our India RCP, Children in Need Institute (CINI), was able to reach 865 children through Street Work including during their Covid and Cyclone Amphan responses.
  • 600 children were supported by Street Workers through Covid responses in Accra (Street Girls Aid, supported by MFCS) and Harare (Street Empowerment Trust with funds from Aid4Zimbabwe).
  • 26 Street Workers received training, 12 of those undertaking all 4 ‘core’ modules
  • 620 children took part in in V&SM surveys in India and Sierra Leone, and 30 SCC completed Street Champion research training
  • The number of local partners in our regional networks increased from 48 to 54.

In an average month, a team of 8 Street Workers can...

Provide 450 children with direct support​

Help 50 children access health care​

Ensure 100 children are fed every day

Provide 60 children with informal education​

"I came in touch with an aunty [Street Worker] who saw me begging and began visiting me regularly. After a long time, I actually found someone who was interested in me and wanted to know what I liked or had to say. She told me I could access a safe space during the day and stay at the girls’ shelter at night.
But in the beginning I was apprehensive...however, her consistent visits to the station helped me trust her. The door leading to a better life was right in front of me."

Street-connected girl, Kolkata, India​
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