Everything you give will go towards putting more trustworthy adults into street-connected children's lives

The best way to make a lasting difference is with a monthly donation. In some of the poorest countries in which we work, £12.04 will put a street worker into the lives of 12 street-connected children for one month. Thank you

The 12/04 Club is named after the International Day for Street Children which falls on 12th April every year.

It is for all generous donors to StreetInvest who commit to donating £12.04 or more a month. In some of the poorest countries in which we work, £12.04 will put a street worker into the lives of 12 street children for one month.

Joining the 12/04 Club offers the greatest benefit to StreetInvest and the children we reach. Regular, unrestricted donations are the main source of our long-term sustainability.

In the poorest countries of the world, a monthly donation of £12.04 is equivalent to the cost of a trained, trustworthy adult for one more street child for one more year. 

In London, £12.04 is the cost of one coffee a week, in a month.

As a 12/04 Club Member, you can look forward to receiving Club benefits including invitations to exclusive events. But, most important of all, you will know that you are making a world of difference to street children.

To make a much-valued donation please join the 12/04 Club.

Other ways to donate

Send us a cheque

Please make your cheque payable to StreetInvest and send it to us at StreetInvest, 1 Walpole Gardens, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5SL

Donate with payroll giving

Your donation will be calculated after your National Insurance contribution but before Income Tax. This means that part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise have been taken by HMRC. So we get more of your donation and it costs you less. Ask your employer for details or get in touch

Set up a Standing Order directly with your bank

You can set up a standing order directly with your bank/ online banking. These are our details:

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: StreetInvest
Sort code: 40-44-39
Account Number: 01673602

Shop through give as you live or Amazon smile

and sell items on eBay for us. Or why not...organise a Facebook birthday fundraiser!