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Kolkata's Street Champions

Street Children face unimaginable challenges on a daily basis… They often find themselves isolated from their communities, unsupported, vulnerable and voiceless.  

In India, Covid 19 and the impact of Cyclone Amphan has made the hard, harder with their few existing support mechanisms taken from them. 

Despite all this these children remain resourceful, resilient and responsive when given the opportunity and support. 

Through the Big Give, we want to continue our pledge to give these children the support they need but also a voice. There is so much we can do. We can help harness their voices by focussing on Street Champions who as peer researchers can make sure their lives, challenges and needs are better understood. We can strengthen links to government and other duty bearers to ensure their voices are heard. We can provide training and support for the Street Workers who have remained on the streets throughout the pandemic to show these children they are not alone and there are people who care and want to listen. We can all work together to ensure that the growth and development of these children is maximised and the discrimination and abuse they face is minimised. With your support, we can do all this and so much more.

We the Researchers

Voices from the Street

We are there but do you see us?

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