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About Us

We believe that no child should grow up alone

No Child Alone

StreetInvest is an International Development NGO which was founded in the UK in 2008. We now host the Global Alliance for Street Work, a network of organisations who share StreetInvest’s vision of putting a trustworthy adult into the life of every street-connected child.

Together we are helping street-connected children to grow and develop so that they can reach their potential, and reduce the abuse and discrimination that they suffer.

We promote and support a distinct form of youth work called street work, which can be the first step to positive change in a young person’s life.

StreetInvest owe much of who we are to our Co-Founder Father Patrick Shanahan. You can read about the extraordinary-  contribution to street-connected children’s lives here

Our vision

For every street-connected child to have a trustworthy adult in their lives so that they are safer, better supported and valued by their communities.

Our guiding principles

  1. Children on the street have the same rights as all other children. We accept the reality of the child surviving and developing on the street.
  2. We trust in street children to be experts in their own lives. They have the strengths and capabilities to make positive decisions.
  3. They cannot do this alone. Street children’s vulnerabilities result from the stigma, discrimination and abuse to which they are routinely subjected: trust in adults is broken down. Street work rebuilds that trust.

Our values

  • Trustworthy: We are committed to being empathetic, non-judgmental and transparent with all those we support, and those who support us.
  • Expert: We are a global expert in street work practice, backed by over two decades of experience and extensive research.
  • Disruptive: We are bold in our demand for change and unapologetic in our view of how it can be achieved.
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