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We've worked in Ghana since 2010 and one of our longest-standing partnerships is with Muslim Family Counselling Services (MFCS), who we have worked with since 2013.

In 2017, we embarked on a new stage of our partnership with MFCS: to develop a regional network of NGO’s, community groups, academics and other partners across West Africa, to promote and support Street Work and put more trustworthy adults into the lives of street-connected children


Our joint aim is to develop a regional network of local Street Work partners and reduce stigma, discrimination and abuse towards street-connected children. Our support is framed in the following Four Pillars: (1) Informing through data collection and research; (2) Influencing through advocacy and awareness-raising; (3) Building the capacity of MFCS and the network members through training and mentoring; and (4) Strengthening the sustainability of MFCS and the network.  

The first year drew to a close in June 2018 and MFCS have formed a network of 15 organisations that work with street-connected children across Kumasi and Accra. MFCS also re-started their own Street Work program, after three years of having inadequate funds, as well as delivered Street Worker training to organisations in the network.


“Street Work has long term effects in terms of protecting children’s rights.  Children have become more conscious about their rights.  Street Work helps reduce inequalities in any form and the community has become a safer place for the children.” – Street Worker, MFCS 

During the first year of our partnership with MFCS, Street Workers in Kumasi conducted 256 street visits to 151 street-connected children. 

The MFCS team have also spearheaded an impressive advocacy drive and worked directly with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) to deliver training to DSW staff and the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection to develop a national plan for street-connected children. 


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